Welcome to Puritan M.B.C. - “Training Ground for Spiritual Warriors”

Our Bishop


Bishop Grinstead is a native of Silver Creek, MS. After completing high school and attending college, he then joined the U.S. Army. It was there he was afforded the opportunity to train soldiers and see the world in which he is grateful. However, his service to his country would be somewhat brief. He was challenged with a greater call to carry the gospel throughout the world. However, he still maintains a great deal of respect and honor for those who have and are yet serving our great country.

After serving many leaders in the kingdom of God, in October 1997 God entrusted Bishop Grinstead to be the under shepherd of the Puritan Missionary Baptist Church. Under God’s directions and members that are submitted to leadership, Bishop Grinstead along with the church family have reached many plateaus. Going from 53 members upon his arrival to well over 2000, constructing a new sanctuary in 2002 and becoming a complete debt free ministry in 2009 is a testament to the faithfulness of God when kingdom order is followed.

In August 2012 Puritan and the Indianapolis community was able to witness a mighty move of God when Bishop Larry D. Grinstead was consecrated.  In May of 2014 another shifting took place within the ministry when Bishop proudly took lovely Lady Janet Charles as his wife.

Bishop Grinstead is an anointed yet humble person with a serious concern for the people of God. Out of that concern God chosen to birth Sharpening Swords Fellowship, which is a collaboration of pastors who have come together to help rise up and sharpen their Joshua’s. Bishop Grinstead is committed to the revelation that at some point our torches regardless of the brightness will fade and must be passed on to someone else because this the order of the Kingdom. Only men and women of spiritual maturity can embrace this and work to make those coming behind them better.

Bishop is grateful to God for the opportunity to be an instrument in changing generations. He thanks his personal family and church family for all the sacrifices that are made that are not always mentioned.

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